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Logo for Musician SBY

Client:C.T.C SBY Role: Logo

The studio was established in 2010. With the popularity of the social platform in the environment at the time, the recording audiences willing to take photos with the logo wall and post photos on various social media. This design has had a good influence at that time. For the current era, the design concept of the Internet star wall is not still out of date. As a designer, it is worth thinking about how to transform the image of the brand with more social background elements and effectively design and upgrade.

How to combine the singer's name with his role as a musician performed perfectly, it would take a lot of thought.

Using the singer's name, each initial abbreviation builds the logo and merges it into a vinyl record. Queried all the music-related theme elements, the final choice of the use of vinyl records is: 1. The classic will always be retained, 2. As long as the stylus is placed on the record, it will play infinitely. This implies that there is an ideal singer’s enthusiasm for music and the energy he contains in music career.

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