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Logo and Identity for QYCS

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Client:QYCS Role:Visual Identity, Logo, website, packaging, web product development

Qycs Global Shipping Inc. is a global shipping company that provides international shipping and shopping services while developing other e-commerce services to benefit people around the world.

Qycs is founded in the eastern of the United States, its co-founder has many years of experience in international purchasing, selling and mailing experience, after using many different international shipping and haitao services, she has many new ideas. In order to meet the different needs of customers, she decided to startup Qycs.

Using the “,” as the main symbols and combine it in the font, in this case, symbols bring the trustfulness into their brand culture. here It provides a reminder of the ubiquitous presence of services in the lives of customers, simultaneously reminding them the service of QYCS never ends.

Identity elements.

Based on the red and blue circles to represent the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere as global.

Logo accompanied by a website.

The product function of shipping and tracking areas are divided into red and blue two colors.

Logo accompanied by T-shirt.

Logo accompanied by tote bag and banner.

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