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Logo and Identity for BIG.J

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Client:Big.J Role:Visual Identity, Logo, Event Collateral, Ephemera, Product Development, Photography: Jing Zhao

Zhao Jing is a remixer who has worked for Karen Mok, Chris Lee, Hebe, Yoga Lin, Chenyu Hua, Jacky Xue, and many other singers. In 2010, he created his own studio, Big.J, and won the nomination for the 26th Taiwan Golden Melody Award “Best Singing Recording Album Award” by Mo Wenwei’s “No, No,” album.

The excellent logo VI design itself is extremely malleable, not only capable of high recognition, but also perfect for different fields and media. Considering that the customer's brand belongs to the music category, the mix is more invisible and more abstract than the music product, and will not be as independent as cd vinyl or other products. Therefore, in the early stage, I made a deep thought on how to better spread the characteristics of the brand itself.

My assumption is:

  • The user enters the studio will see the logo main body in the first time.

  • The size of this headset logo should be suitable for the size of the normal person's head.

  • Inspire users to take the selfie with the logo

  • User post to the social platform to expand the influence of brand image

The goal is to increase the interaction between the customer and the brand, resulting in more communication. so I specially designed the logo with the headset. when the audiences into studio will see the logo which is in the most prominent position.

New Logo Presence

The studio was established in 2010. With the popularity of the social platform in the environment at the time, the recording audiences willing to take photos with the logo wall and post photos on various social media. This design has had a good influence at that time. For the current era, the design concept of the Internet star wall is not still out of date. As a designer, it is worth thinking about how to transform the image of the brand with more social background elements and effectively design and upgrade.

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