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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Mixed Media Art Exhibition

GOOD AS GOLD Mixed Media Art Exhibition worked by Arlene Sun

Curator: Dandi Gu Academic Advisor: Zi Opening: Friday, 04/26/ 6pm-9pm Exhibition Dates: 04/26-05/04,11am-8pm Location: Novado Gallery, 110 Morgan St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Would art be the Philosopher’s Stone? Or would our computers and smartphones be? While there seems to be no conclusive answer for this pursuit, every device around us is transforming form of some things in its own way. This pursuit has expanded into a series of questions under the hands of the artist Arlene Sun: How to turn a panel painting into a sculpture- into a devise that phonates – into a device that interacts – into a device that acts. As she chooses to scavenge the damaged electronic components from the waste pile, these "problematic" electronic components were fixed in her hands, not by repairing, but shifting into a different context than they used to be located. The devices are transformed from e-wastes into vital parts of works. The value of these devices has grown thousand folds simply because of relocating into different context – isn't this a way of forging gold from metal?

In this era of digitality, filled with virtual objects and digital models, we still hold the old commitment to things. This commitment is reflected in, for example, our preference for materializing concepts – whether it is an abstract theory, a comic character, or a digital image, we want to turn the abstract doctrine into a metal breastpin on the chest, materializing the comic character into a doll, printing digital images into files or photos. In any case, we hope that we can turn non-objects into objects - those that can be grasped with and touchable by our hands. We believe that only the objectized things are real - after all, from various aspects, we are also things – in one way or another, our attachments and detachments toward each other and the world will end up with things. Thus comes our pathological roots of fetishism.


Arlene Sun (b.1983, Beijing, China) is a New York-based illustrator, film animator, digital art designer. In 2018, Sun graduated from the Parsons School with M.F.A. in Design and Technology. Sun started her professional career as an illustrator since 2005 and published magazine illustrations as many as 400 pieces, in the era of paper media, its illustrations occupy most of the mainstream publications with more than one million circulations, including Car And Driver, HighEndCars, Audi Magazine, SMART- OPEN YOUR MIND, China Auto Pictorial, Motor Trend China, Harper's Bazaar Man, Leon, etc. Her illustrations received some awards and recognitions, such as KAN TAI-KEUNG Design Award, Midi Music Best Album Cover Design Award. She is a member of the The American Institute of Graphic Arts. In 2015, Sun founded SUNNYPARK (SUN-NY-PARK) Cross-Over Design Lab, dedicated to research and development of innovative projects that combine artificial intelligence, art, and design to explore different levels of artistic experience.


Dandi Gu (b.1990, Dalian, China) Gu gained M.A. in Business Design and Arts Leadership at Savannah College of Art and Design; She graduated with B.F.A. degree in Multimedia Digital Art and Design from the China Academy of Art. Gu collaborated with talented artists from various background and nationalities, including fashion designers, filmmakers, performing artists, illustrators, sound designers to curate exhibitions both in China and the United States. Her independent curatorial projects include Secrets Behind Closed Doors, American Folk Art Exhibition (Savanna, Georgia, 2018); Bricolage and Minimalism, A Fashion Collection exhibition (Savanna, Georgia, 2018); New York Station, Solo Art Exhibition (New York, 2019).

Academic Advisor

Zi Lin, art critic, curator, freelancer writer, poet, graduated from Acadia University with double major in psychology and art history in 2010; graduated from Art Criticism and Writing MFA Program in SVA, 2017. His criticism and writing pieces can be seen from various major art media, including Artforum China, Artouch, ArtCo China, Yishu, Art and Design, Art China, Sina Contemporary Art, and many others. As a curator, Zi Lin’s previous works includes shows such as VPN-The Relative Position with Boundaries, Turbo Turbot, The Vision Machine, Illumination in the Black Box, and Fancy Blue Stroke.

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