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New Logo and Packaging for icingdolls Band

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Client:icingdolls Role:Visual Identity, Logo, Event Collateral, CD, Product Development,

In 2003, Initially, the founder established China's first virtual band "Pu Er Tu Si", and also as a music reviewer and text editor for the magazine "I Love Rock and Roll". In October 2006, he established independent brand music House - icingdolls culture recording studio and the brand icingdolls, and signed the new band-perfume pepper, Bruce musician Tian Hang and other artists.

Lead singer & guitar: Fang Yin

Drum: Nan Song

Guitar: Rui Zhu

Bass: Weining Fang

"1983" was nominated for the best design of the Chinese Rock MIDI Award. in December,2010

Partial CD pages design

Icingdolls Band was established in September 2006. The new generation represents the band. He has participated in hundreds of large-scale performances such as MIDI, Strawberry, Zhangbei Grassland, Stone Play, and other music festivals. In June 10, the first album "1983" was released. with the main song and mv are launched, the clicks of the major platforms of music were more than hundreds of thousands of times, and Weibo forwards 10,000 times. In December, "1983" was nominated for the best design of the Chinese Rock MIDI Award.

Logo on products

In April 2011, he signed a contract with Guinea, the independent brand of “Guitar China”, to launch the first “1983” electric guitar with the theme of the band. At the same time, Guitar China cooperated as the “One CNY Genuine Action” support unit. This guitar was launched to sponsor the first album of the icingdolls "1983" and the second edition was released in 10,000 CNY.

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